About Us

Coffee Drive Ediburgh Coffee Drive has been a dream of ours for many years.  After living in Australia for a time we still find it hard now to put up with the Scottish cold and wet weather (not to mention in the winter months!).  The thought of braving this weather for a cup of coffee didn’t always seem worth it.  Well now you don’t have to even get out of your car!

Coffee Drive is a premium drive-thru coffee shop that offers its customers high quality coffee and fresh pastries with fast and efficient service from trained Baristas.

Parents with children in the car will, at last, be able to get a great tasting coffee with out having to take the kids out of the car and then settle them back in.  Commuters can quickly get a morning coffee lift without wasting time finding parking and standing in lines.

We look forward to seeing you come past for a quick coffee or snack to keep you going.  We believe that once you experience the drive-thru service you will come again.